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Occupational Health & Safety for Supervisors

The Occupational Health and Safety Act in Ontario defines a supervisor as a person who has control over the workplace or authority over an employee. Therefore, in a university setting there are a wide range of positions, such as director, department head, departmental managers, departmental technicians, principal investigators, and in some cases post doctorate fellows and graduate students, that could be considered supervisors.

Building on the concepts and information provided in the mandatory on-line Health & Safety Awareness modules, the Health and Safety for Supervisors session will assist individuals in understand their role as a supervisor, as well as their legal duties and responsibilities under the Occupational Health & Safety Act and within the University’s Health and Safety Management System.

These sessions are open to all faculty, staff and graduate students that have supervisory responsibilities at the university and have completed the mandatory on-line Health & Safety Awareness modules.

Course Dates and Registration

The courses will be held in the Faculty and Staff Learning Facility, located in Mac-Corry Hall, Complex B176, in the Lecture Theatre.

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This training topic will be announced at a later date, may be available late summer or early fall.  It will be available either remotely or online.