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International Travel during Reading Week 2020

As the Mid-Term Reading Week approaches (Tuesday February 18 – Saturday February 22, 2020), students are reminded that global events, including the recent Novel coronavirus outbreak, continue to introduce uncertainty and change to many travel schedules and in some instances, travel access across international borders may be impacted.

Those who intend to travel internationally are reminded to monitor changing events and consider what if any adjustments to their plans might be prudent or required. In an effort to assist with that endeavour, the university is offering a voluntary international travel registration program.

The university works with several outside resources to monitor significant events that can impact travel to international destinations. Staff will share relevant information with students who register their personal travel.

Please note personal travel is not part of the Off-campus Activity Safety Policy (OCASP), which applies to all members of the Queen's community involved in university-sanctioned activities that take place off campus. Registration of your personal travel with Environmental Health and Safety is entirely voluntary, using a simple form which requests international travelers provide basic travel locations, dates and contact information, so that helpful information may be sent/shared with you as appropriate.

All international travelers are advised at a minimum to review the federal government’s Global Affairs travel advisories website.

Also note information specific to the Novel coronavirus is available on the Environmental Health and Safety website.

Questions may be directed to: ehssafetyabroad@queensu.ca