Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

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Occupational Health Services for Radiation or Laser Hazards

If there is an exposure incident for which you have a Standard Operating Procedure that indicates you should contact Walsh and Associates during normal business hours, contact their main office in Belleville at 613-966-4114.

  • Outside of those defined incident types, or if unable to contact Walsh and Associates, if there is an exposure incident requiring urgent medical attention then workers should go to the Kingston Health Sciences Centre – Kingston General Hospital (KHSC – KGH) Emergency. Location of the Emergency Room Entrance (Google Maps) at Kingston General Hospital.

Routine radiation or laser related matters:

Queen's employees and students working in or around laboratories with radiation or laser hazards may use the services of the Walsh and Associates Occupational Health Services clinic for routine matters such as:

  • respiratory assessments related to respirator use for those with certain medical conditions
  • eye screening (Central Field Testing using Amsler Charts) at the beginning and end of employment for Queen’s  employees who use 3b and 4 lasers
  • medical counselling as necessary for certain hazards for which a Queen’s SOP has been written

For more information, including how to make appointments or how to create an SOP for specific potential hazard exposure incidents, see the document describing Walsh and Associates Occupational Health Services. (PDF 471 KB)