Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

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Joint Health and Safety Committees

Queen’s University is committed to ensuring a safe working environment for all of its faculty staff and students.  In order to encourage University wide participation in maintaining a well-functioning Internal Responsibility System, Queen’s University supports, in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, ten Joint Health & Safety Committees on campus.   

Terms of Reference

Joint Health & Safety Committees - Terms of Reference (PDF, 213 KB)

Please note: the areas covered by each JHSC meeting are currently under review.  We will post an updated list for each committee shortly. 

Committees Membership Areas Covered/Guidelines Minutes


University Administrative Services University Administrative Services Membership (PDF, 181 KB) University Administrative Services Inspection Area (PDF, 105 KB)
Physical Plant Services Physical Plant Services Membership (PDF, 178 KB) Physical Plant Services Inspection Area (PDF, 28 KB)
Library Library Membership (PDF, 168 KB) Library Inspection Area (PDF, 30 KB)
Athletics and Recreation  Athletics and Recreation Membership (PDF, 174 KB) Athletics and Recreation Inspection Area (PDF, 29 KB)
Residences Residences Membership (PDF, 222 KB) Residences Inspection Area (PDF, 61 KB)
Faculty of Arts & Science Faculty of Arts & Science Membership (PDF, 174 KB) Faculty of Arts & Science Inspection Area (PDF, 41 KB)
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Membership (PDF, 185 KB) Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Inspection Area (PDF, 11 KB)
Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences Membership (PDF, 179 KB)

Faculty of Health Sciences Inspection Area (PDF, 41 KB)
Faculty of Education Faculty of Education Membership (PDF, 172 KB) Faculty of Education Inspection Area (PDF, 29 KB)
Family Medicine Family Medicine Membership (PDF, 171 KB) Family Medicine Inspection Area (PDF, 29 KB)
Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts IBCPA Membership (PDF, 166 KB) IBCPA Inspection Area (PDF, 28 KB)
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Joint Health and Safety Committee Safety Inspection Checklists: