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Ordering and Inventory of Hazardous Chemicals

Benefits of the HECHMET Chemical Inventory System

All hazardous chemicals at Queen's are entered in the centralized, comprehensive hazardous material inventory (HECHMET) to better prevent, prepare, and respond to hazardous materials events.  University administrators will have ongoing access to the hazardous materials inventory to ensure compliance to regulations, improved communications, and due diligence to occupational health and safety requirements.  For the first responder community, the software now allows remote secure access to the information required to initiate a safe response to any type of HAZMAT incident at the university.  

Researchers within a particular inventory group (a group is usually a department) will have access to view the inventories of colleagues within their group, thus facilitating the sharing of resources where appropriate.

Lab Personnel Procedures Associated with the Inventory System

  1. Chemicals are ordered through the normal process for your area but they are shipped to the HECHMET Inventory Stores Technician in Chernoff Hall room 109 (as described below) where they are barcoded and entered into the inventory for the room to which they will ultimately be delivered.  Chemicals are then delivered to the loading dock or office in the appropriate department for subsequent delivery to the lab.  
  2. If you receive a chemical without a barcode then contact the Inventory Stores Technician to obtain one. Ben Fiegen at 75119 or email ben.fiegen@queensu.ca
  3. When you dispose of the chemical it will be scanned by the person who picks up the container for disposal, and thereby removed from the inventory for your location.   If you need to use the container for another purpose then the barcode must be sent to the Inventory Stores Technician so that it can be removed from the inventory.
  4. If you want to know whether another laboratory in your inventory group has a chemical that you need, you can view their inventory by logging into the system.  See the links to the system and to the user guide below.
  5. If you need to transfer a chemical to another lab then the Inventory Stores Technician must be notified.   Note that this applies when the chemical is going to remain in the lab, not when it is just shared for a day.   If you wish to transfer only some of a chemical to another lab in a separate container then that container must be appropriately labeled and you must obtain a bar code for it that is associated with the new location in the inventory.
  6. Physical audits will be conducted periodically by personnel from the Department of Environmental Health and Safety to confirm the accuracy of the inventory of various locations and make corrections where necessary.
  7. For questions regarding the inventory system and its process please contact the Inventory Stores Technician, Ben Fiegen at 75119 or email ben.fiegen@queensu.ca.

Ordering and Shipment

Individuals/Departments continue to order hazardous materials through the current process utilized within their area.

All hazardous materials must be shipped to Chernoff Hall room 109, where they will be assigned a barcode and entered into the Hazardous Chemical Materials Inventory database (HECHMET). 

PLEASE NOTE – whereas the shipping address is Chernoff Hall, the point of contact provided when placing your order must be the Department, Researcher, Building, and Room # of the final destination of the chemical.  If this information is not indicated, we will not know where to ship the chemical once it is received by EH&S Inventory Stores Technician at Chernoff Hall.

Building and lab #    (e.g. Botterell Hall 535)

Queen’s University Chemistry Department

90 Bader Lane, Rm #109

Chernoff Hall

Kingston, Ontario

K7L 3N6

Chemical Inventory System Login  **Please Note: If you are logging in while working remotely you must be connected to VPN

Vertére Inventory Management System - User Guide (PDF 2.51 MB)