Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

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Chemical Safety

The Queen's policy statement on Environmental Management outlines the University's commitment to the protection of the environment through the implementation of an effective Environmental Management Program. An important aspect of this program is the proper handling, storage, and disposal of all hazardous chemicals generated on campus.

Chemicals are used at Queen's University for various purposes ranging from cleaning products to research and teaching applications. All of these chemicals must be used, stored and handled properly or they can cause injury, illness, disease, fire, explosions, or damage to University property. Prior to using any chemicals you must be aware of the hazards and the appropriate precautions that need to be taken in order to work safely and avoid injury.

Training is an important step to keep everyone safe from the chemical hazards present on the University. WHMIS training is mandatory for all faculty, staff and students who work with or are in proximity of chemicals. 

Under WHMIS all products classified as hazardous are required to have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). SDSs provide detailed information for handling, storage and emergency procedures for the hazardous material. Chemwatch is used by Queen's University to provide access to SDSs for hazardous materials.

Chemical Policies and Procedures

For information and assistance contact Tom Martinek at 74976 or email tom.martinek@queensu.ca