Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

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​Introduction to the Queen’s Biosafety Program and Manual

The intent of the Biosafety Program at Queen’s University, and the purpose of the Queen’s Biosafety Manual, is to guide personnel in how to work safely with biological material that can be hazardous to people and/or animals. The goal is to prevent laboratory acquired infections (LAIs) in laboratory workers and to protect those outside the laboratory from the harmful effects that a release of the biological material might have.

The Manual will guide you in how to fulfill the requirements of legislation that regulates the use of biohazardous material, as set out in The Canadian Biosafety Standards (CBS) and other regulations and guidelines. The Canadian Biosafety Handbook (CBH) is another key document that provides further information and recommendations on how to comply with the CBS and work safety with biohazards. Some of the text in the Queen’s Biosafety Manual is copied directly from the CBS or the CBH and presented here for your convenience. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you review the CBS and CBH to become familiar with it as a resource document after you read the Queen’s Biosafety Manual. In particular, read the Table of Contents in these documents so that you have an overview of the valuable information that they contain.

There is also legislation in Canada regarding work with Aquatic Animal Pathogens and Plant Pests, however this material is beyond the scope of this Biosafety Manual. For further information on such material, contact the Biosafety Officer.

Biosafety Policies and Procedures

Biosafety Manual (PDF 1.5 MB)